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 The Dewey Defeats Truman newspaper is arguably the most famous and sought after newspaper of all time. When the decision to print this paper was made, returns were coming in very slowly and time was running out before the deadline for the edition. The Tribune staff, based on the early returns, decided Dewey would be the next President. After the newspaper was delivered to the street, more returns came in and showed that Truman would be the ultimate winner and be reelected as President. The already delivered "error" newspapers were gathered for return by staff members sent out to pick them up from newsstands and homes in the Chicago area. 

In the rush to get the news to press one paragraph of type was printed upside down and not noticed until after the paper was printed. This just added to the aura around this famous newspaper.   

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How Are The Papers Valued?

The value of Dewey Defeats Truman newspapers generally depend on the following variables;

1. Authentication of the newspaper

2. The overall condition

3. The completeness of the paper

4. The version of the newspaper

How Many Different Editions Were There?

At last count researches have discovered eleven different versions of that days newspaper. As election results were received, the editors began to "soften" their position that Dewey had indeed won the election. Instead of declaring that Dewey defeated Truman, headlines were changed to G.O.P. Wins The White House and other changes.