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Chicago Daily Tribune 1948

Foot in Mouth - Newspaper Retracts Dewey Defeats Edition
Description: This is an original Chicago Daily Tribune from November 3, 1948.

Perhaps the most recognizable headline of the 20th century is that which appeared on the front page of this title and date--but an earlier edition. It read: "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN", made famous by the photo showing Harry S. Truman smiling and holding that famous newspaper. This is the "Final" days edition printed the very same day but after the the editors softened the phrasing proclaiming Dewey the victor, but still unaware of the true final outcome of the election, by proclaiming: "G.O.P. WINS WHITE HOUSE". Includes the text "Dewey and Warren swept the country in the Presidential election yesterday. The early returns indicated that the Republican ticket had won by an overwhelming majority of electoral votes. President Truman went down to defeat with few states outside of the south..." .

This later addition is extremely hard to find but is not as well known as the famous "Dewey Defeats Truman" headline. Actually, this is the only copy of this edition we have owned in the past 30 years. This newspaper is a one owner copy which was purchased the day of publication. This newspaper is complete, intact, and in excellent condition. A very scarce paper.
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