The World's Most Famous
 Newspaper Error




We are fortunate to have discovered another original copy of this famous edition of the Chicago Tribune of November 3, 1948. It is the original and authentic newspaper. It is the full and complete newspaper

This is arguably the most famous and sought after newspaper of all time. When the decision to print this paper was made, returns were coming in very slowly and time was running out before the deadline for the edition. The Tribune staff, based on the early returns, decided Dewey would be the next President. After the newspaper was delivered to the street, more returns came in and showed that Truman would be the ultimate winner and be reelected as President. The already delivered "error" newspapers were gathered for return by staff members sent out to pick them up from newsstands and homes in the Chicago area. It also has the paragraph of type in the upside down position as all original examples have since the newspaper workers in haste to get the edition to the newsstands made the error. Original editions of this newspaper are becoming increasingly scarce.

This is only the eleventh copy of this historic paper that we have owned in 35+ years. The newspaper is in very good condition. Here is a description of the condition:

This is the complete newspaper. The overall condition of the newspaper is very good with three small areas of tears on the front cover. What is immediately noticeable, especially when compared to the inside pages of the newspaper is that the overall coloring of the front page is toned and has taken on a yellowed tone. However, the toning is balanced rather than blotchy. We are not professional photographers, so the photos don't really show the toning.

The folds and edges are very good. There is a 1 1/4" tear on the right side of the paper by the word Truman and another tear on the right side just below the headline of approx 1 1/2" with some paper loss. There is some normal fading at the center horizontal fold.

Inside section/pages are in very good condition.

Overall we would rate this paper good to very good, held back only by the toning. While not perfect (we've yet to see one that is) its a very nice newspaper.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire one of the most famous newspaper ever produced at a very reasonable price, and far less than you would likely pay at an auction house.


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